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Selected photographs from all three series are on display in Portland, Oregon at
SPARTAN SHOP - 1210 SE Grande Ave, Portland, OR

Photographs from CHASING THE SUNS series featured in Bunkhouse's new hotel, Hotel San Cristobal in Todos Santos, Mexico. Click HERE to see installation shots.

The series CHASING THE SUNS, is on display at:
BIG RED SUN - 560 Rose Ave, Venice, CA.


ASHLEY GARMON is a professional photographer based out of Austin, Texas. Her company, Ashley Garmon Photographers, specializes in weddings, with their talents being utilized all over the world. While she was trained in the art of film, she moved to shooting digitally in 2006, albeit reluctantly, and feels that the industry of photography has gotten very loud.

“By loud I mean that colors are brighter, images are sharper–often times to the point of absurdity. And also people are constantly shooting with their smart phones, then uploading, sharing, and viewing everyone else’s images online; it’s endless. Believe me, I am guilty of participating in it for sure."

In reaction to the digital revolution, Ashley turns to her HOLGA cameras. A toy camera made of plastic, the Holga's low-cost construction and simple meniscus lens often yields pictures that display vignetting, blur, light leaks, and other distortions. Shooting with a Holga camera slows down the process. There are only 12 frames on each roll of film, so you have to be patient, study what is around you and consider what your intended subject should be. It’s primitiveness–with its fixed f-stop and shutter speed–make it necessary to read light.

"If there isn’t enough light, I simply cannot shoot. Also, I usually have the film manipulated in processing to allow for more or less exposure. Furthermore, the camera isn’t sealed properly, which allows for unpredictable light leaks, so it’s always a treat to see how everything turns out.”

Every photograph in the Print Shop was produced with one of Ashley's well-loved, well-worn, well-traveled HOLGA cameras.

Is this too much photo-speak?  Let’s break it down:

Ashley Garmon Photographers has been in business since 1998 and is one of the premiere wedding photography companies in Texas.  
She photographed Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits Festival for 6 years, before retiring from that team after the 2013 festival season.  
She also photographed Fun Fun Fun Fest for 5 years and now Sound on Sound Fest, a bad-ass music festival that occurs every fall in Austin, TX. For these two festivals, Ashley exclusively works on aerial photos–big beautiful crowd shots, requiring hydraulic lifts that go very high in the sky and hover above the crowd.
Ashley is not afraid of heights.
She has a dog named Hedy Lamarr, who is "1/2 golden retriever, 1/2 awesome."  This dog also gives hugs on command.  It's pretty magical.
Ashley is a fifth generation Texan.
Most of her family is from West Texas and currently live there.  Although she grew up in San Antonio, TX, people often mistake her for being from West Texas. Recently, she decided to stop fighting this misconception.  It’s OK, y’all.


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